Arch Base Virtual model creation

Arch Base: Virtual model creation

Arch Base is the fastest 3D software for dental model creation, it will save you a lot of time. Whether you are an orthodontist or a dental laboratory, easily prepare the dental impression to be able to 3D print the study model or the working cast.

The dentist or orthodontist obtains the patient’s 3D digital file from the dental scanner. There are two techniques to take the dental impression of the patient: the plaster cast or, a more modern way, the intraoral scanner. In the first case, the dental impression is taken using alginate, then the plaster is cast to obtain the physical dental model to be scanned with a desktop 3D dental scanner. In the second case, the digital dental impression is produced directly by the intraoral scanner. In both cases, a 3D digital file of the dental model is created in STL format.

Once imported into the Arch Base software, the model will be based so that it can be digitally stored or 3D printed. Advanced model preparation features are available, including digital file inspection and repair tools, edge cleaning, base selection, engraving identification, tools to maintain the occlusion, and 3D printing preparation to optimise speed and reduce resin consumption.

With the Arch Base assistant workflow, all of these operations can be completed in a minute per case!

Your advantages

An intraoral scan often has rough edges and are not very accurate. This is inherent to the measuring process. Arch Base offers a clean cut of the scan edge, to keep only the convenient part. It is a time-saving automatism.

Arch Base also inspects the incoming 3D digital file and provides corrections if necessary. The «inspector» and other tools are available to correct possible flaws in the structure of the digital file.

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automatic curves Arch Base

ArchBase study base 3D dental model DeltaFace

ArchBase base back plate 3D dental model DeltaFace

Study base

Base with back plate

Depending on the usage of the model, select the most suitable base: Study model, working cast for the creation of orthodontic appliances, optimised base for the realisation of splints, in full arch or half arch, etc.

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Preserved occlusion

It is important to be able to find the occlusion obtained during the impression.

On request, Arch Base automatically adds a tripod to reposition the arches in occlusion.

To use an articulator, Arch Base can automatically add a disposable plastic articulator fixator, such as Vertex or Twister, to avoid gluing manipulations.

Integrating your own articulator is possible!

ArchBase study base tripod twister 3D dental model DeltaFace

engraving base identification

The systematic 3D engraving of the model prevents any possibility of handling and identification mistakes. With Arch Base, the engraving is automatically positioned. It includes the identification data: patient, practitioner, dates. It is even possible to personalise the databases with the name of the laboratory for example.

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When the goal is to print the 3D model, hollowing out the inside of the model allows a great saving of resin or filament. Only the necessary thickness is kept. Depending on the type of printer, the printing time will also be reduced. Arch Base performs these operations automatically, both for vertical and horizontal printing.

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ArchBase hollow out Deltaface